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What We've Achieved

Richard D. Burleson Crossroads Credit and Portfolio Management LLC

Look Before You Leap

The Bank was $250M in second position on raw land in a growing area. The first was $400M.

Although the tract was four acres, the appraisal indicated only .5 acres was buildable to due to wetlands.

Property was selling for $600M/acre.

This looked like a big loss.

We did a physical inspection of the property and noticed the high water mark for the wetlands was well down the slope on the property.

An inquiry with the county planning department and a few conversations with an engineer familiar with the site revealed there could be as much as 1.8 acres buildable.

The Bank foreclosed and the property was sold at almost $200M profit.

In each case study, we were able to assist our client Bank from experiencing significant losses. In each case, the Bank's management would have gone in a different direction had Crossroad Credit and Portfolio Management LLC not been involved.

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