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What We've Achieved

Richard D. Burleson Crossroads Credit and Portfolio Management LLC

Get the Guarantors Involved

$975M exposure on 20 rent houses that are being mismanaged.

The managing partner misappropriated the rents letting the houses fall in disrepair and running off the tenants to less than 50% occupied.

A foreclosure would result in a six figure loss for the Bank.

We called the non-managing partner who was also a guarantor.

Once we explained the Bank's position and his exposure, he was forced to take action.

Bank management agreed to refinance the properties for the guarantor under a different entity if he could take possession.

His partner was compelled to deed him the properties and the Bank averted a large loss.

In each case study, we were able to assist our client Bank from experiencing significant losses. In each case, the Bank's management would have gone in a different direction had Crossroad Credit and Portfolio Management LLC not been involved.

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